The Sheila Hightower Allen DNA Memorial Fund


On January 30, 2018 family and friends were shocked with the devastating news of the passing of Sheila Hightower Allen. Sheila was an educator and loved her family fiercely. She loved them so much so that she began to research her family and share the knowledge that she found.

Although born in Texas, Sheila learned her family hailed from an area called Edgefield, South Carolina. As she researched the area, she quickly learned that everyone who came from that area was related. To prove what she was discovering about the area, Sheila began testing family members – and even friends – via DNA through services like, Family Tree DNA, and 23andme. Using her own money Sheila tested at least 40 people spending close to $4,000 dollars. 

Her efforts brought thousands of family members together.

In honor of Sheila and to keep her spirit alive her fellow researchers who are also her family want to continue her legacy by setting up the Sheila Hightower-Allen DNA Memorial Fund. This fund will test anyone with roots in the Edgefield / Old Ninety-Six area that will help further the work that Sheila started. Our goal is to test as many people as Sheila did…if not more.

The Sheila Hightower Allen DNA Memorial Fund via 87919

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  1. Hello,

    I have roots from Edgefield. How can I go about getting tested through the fund?

    Thank you Marcellaus Joiner


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