GA Live S01 E12: Meet the Beyond Kin Project

We were SO excited to have Donna Cox Baker and Martin Brennan from the Beyond Kin Project in the house for our last show of the season.

Genealogists who descend from slaveholders (SHs) are uniquely positioned to revolutionize genealogy for their African American colleagues who are seeking records for their ancestors who were Enslaved People (EPs).

Beyond Kin has developed a highly effective way of documenting EPs, linking them to the families of their SHs, using existing genealogy software and online family tree services like FamilySearch and Ancestry. The project has also developed a respectful and supportive online community space where descendants of SHs and EPs can meet, share vital research information, and collaborate.

Beyond Kin Links:


Facebook Group:

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To see how Genealogy Adventures uses the Beyond Kind methodology, you can read the following articles:

1. Why diversity matters for online genealogy service providers via

2. 1845 Will of Col. William Bolling (1777-1845), Goochland County, Virginia via

Genealogy Adventures Live will be taking a break in September. But don’t worry…we’ll be back in October!

One thought on “GA Live S01 E12: Meet the Beyond Kin Project

  1. Great episode, thanks to you all!!
    The idea behind it could also be expanded to other Diasporas. It seems that concocting a paper trail is so helpful in linking DNA connections.
    I am thinking that similar methodologies could be applied to eg, Irish Famine refugees, British Home Children throughout the Empire, USA Orphan Train Children, the massive WWII DP project still run by the Red Cross for 60+ years now, up to the current estimated 68 1/2 million forcibly displaced (internally & externally) people (UN figures June 2018).
    Many of the modern refugees still flee with their families in arms & only the rags on their backs…

    It may be a grand dream, but we genealogists think BIG & are FULL OF HOPE!!
    PS — LOVE Brian’s melodious accent!! Where does it come from??

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