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GA Live S02 E04: Lineage societies and poorly documented ancestors

Have you ever tried to join a Lineage or Heritage society just to be turned away because you didn’t have enough documentation.This episode will focus on issues surrounding poorly documented ancestors and the need for more societies to accept and incorporate DNA research as part of the application process.

It’s not just prestige that gets people interested in joining lineage societies. Some societies have genealogical libraries that are only open to members (or only open for free to members). The opportunity to network with other people who have similar ancestry is also a benefit. There is also a very strong possibility of you meeting a genetic relative in a lineage society (someone who is descended from the same person as you), which gives you the opportunity to exchange family information, and maybe even discover new family artifacts, documents, records, and photos that you never knew still existed.

Other reasons for joining a lineage society include bringing awareness to the particular group or time in history that the society celebrates, participating in the society’s charitable endeavors (some engage in charity and public service, while some do not), getting that membership certificate for your wall, being able to contribute your own genealogy research to the society, the thrill of accomplishment when you are accepted as a member, and the opportunity to get out and socialize with people of similar interests to yours at meetings. Illustrating a far richer and diverse American history is also a benefit.

Last, but by no means least, understanding a society’s research requirements will introduce you to genealogical best practice when it comes to your research.

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