S03 E21: Handling Sensitive Information as Genealogists Part 1

Insanity, incest, endogamy, marital affairs, natural-born children, abandonment, non-paternity events (NPEs), and murder are just some of the family secrets you may stumble across during your ancestral research. Do you add what you find to your tree? Or do you omit this information?

Join us, and our guests – Hammad Settles Asad and Loretta Bellamy – as we chat about how we handle volatile family history information.

Hammad and Loretta will join us again for Part 2 on Sunday, 26 April 2020 at 4PM EST. In Part 2, we will cover the subject of an ancestor’s ethnicity/race when s/he was unexpectedly a different ethnicity/race than the one a researcher identifies with. This includes people who descend from free people of color who changed their racial identity. Our conversation will also include adding the descendants of enslaved family members or adding an ancestor’s enslaving family to a researcher’s family tree.

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