S03 E25: A Talk about Racism with Special Guest, Jane Elliott

Jane Elliott is known worldwide for her “Blue Eyes Brown Eyes” racism exercise. She is an internationally known educator, feminist, and anti-racism activist.

In response to the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jane Elliott , a 3rd grade teacher at the time, created the “Blue Eyes Brown Eyes” exercise. It is a teaching exercise that has brought her international acclaim and notoriety. Her courageous stand in 1968 created an eye-color based exercise that made white children the victims of the racism that is so pervasive in American society.

Jane discusses her groundbreaking Brown Eye – Blue Eye racism teaching exercise…and the relevance this teaching exercise holds for all of us today. And Co-hosts Donya and Brian add a genealogical and historical perspective to Jane’s on-going work. Learn about this courageous educator – and catch the knowledge she drops throughout the full hour of the show.

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