S04 E07: The 2020 Election, Voting History, and Genealogy

Unfortunately, our scheduled guest wasn’t able to join us at the last minute. So this episode is an extemporaneous discussion about the outcome of the 2020 Election, the history of voting in the USA for African Americans and women, and how all of this relates to genealogy.

As our regular viewers are aware, Donya and Brian are big believers in the connection between genealogy and history.

There is one fact check – a result of not having show notes due to this being an extemporaneous show topic. Brian mentioned a landowning North Carolina ancestor who was a free person of color and who was denied the right to vote. Brian gave a year span between 1815 to 1820. This actually occurred in the 1830s. The right to vote was denied as a result of a series of slave revolts, including Nat Turner’s rebellion.

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