S04 E08: When the Black and White Descendants of Enslavers Meet with Antoinette Broussard

Researcher, author, and etiquette consultant Antoinette Broussard joined us to discuss her journey as a genealogical & family history researcher – as well as the chapter she wrote for the book Slavery’s Descendants.(https://amzn.to/3lvxDIe)

Slavery’s Descendants brings together contributors from a variety of racial backgrounds, all members or associates of a national racial reconciliation organization called Coming to the Table, to tell their stories of dealing with America’s racial past through their experiences and their family histories. Some are descendants of slaveholders, some are descendants of the enslaved, and many are descendants of both slaveholders and slaves. What they all have in common is a commitment toward collective introspection, and a willingness to think critically about how the nation’s histories of oppression continue to ripple into the present, affecting us all.

The stories in Slavery’s Descendants deal with harrowing topics—rape, lynching, cruelty, shame—but they also describe acts of generosity, gratitude, and love. Together, they help us confront the legacy of slavery to reclaim a more complete picture of U.S. history, one cousin at a time. Antoinette Broussard’s work centers on documenting her ancestral roots. She is the author of African American Holiday Traditions (Citadel Press); and has contributed to various publications including the African American National Biography (editor Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.; Harlem of the West (Chronicle Books); and Slavery’s Descendants: Shared Legacies of Race and Reconciliation, (Rutgers University Press). For more information about Ms Broussard, please visit: http://www.antoinettebroussard.com/bio.html

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