GA Live! Special: Does Intolerance Have A Place In Genealogy?

What do you consider bullying? In essence, bullying is taking advantage of someone who is unable to defend themself against you. This can be done in several different ways. The most common one way is if a person is smaller than you and you are pushing them around. You can also bully someone intellectually. Parents bully their children by guilting them into doing things my mother called it the Jewish mother effect.

Is bullying done in genealogy and is there any room for it? In Genealogy Adventures‘ opinion, there is no room for bullying anywhere but there are some that may disagree simply because they don’t believe it is bullying.

In this special episode, The Genealogy Adventures team hosted a special panel-driven show that tackles this growing trend and we are inviting all groups both black and white genealogy groups to participate and join in the conversation.

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