S04 E14: Meet the Reclaim the Records Organization with Jonathan Deiss

Reclaim The Records (RtR)is a new not-for-profit activist group of genealogists, historians, researchers, and open government advocates. This organization identifies important genealogical records sets it believes ought to be in the public domain – but which are being wrongly restricted by government archives, libraries, and agencies. RtR files Freedom of Information and Open Data requests to obtain public data and release it back to the public. And if the government doesn’t comply, RtR takes them to court.

RtR then digitizes the records it obtains and puts it all online for free – without any paywalls or usage restrictions – so that it can never be locked up again.

We were so pleased to have Jonathan Deiss on the show to talk about the organization hand e vital work that it does. He is a professional researcher, military historian, and genealogist. He sits on the Board of Directors of Reclaim the Records, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to providing public-domain documents to the general public.

For more information about Reclaim the Records, please visit: https://www.reclaimtherecords.org

For more information about Jonathan and his research work, please visit https://www.webbdeissresearch.com

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