S04 E17: The USCT & Battle of New Market Heights (1864, Richmond, VA) with James S. Price

James joined us to chat about The Battle of New Market Heights (VA) and the bravery of the men of the U.S. Colored Troops (USCT) who fought – as well as chatting about the 14 men who received the highest military honor in the U.S.: the Congressional Medal of Honor.

In the predawn darkness of 29 September 1864, black Union soldiers attacked a heavily fortified position on the outskirts of Richmond known as New Market Heights. In a few short hours of desperate fighting, these soldiers struck a blow against experienced troops of Robert E. Lee’s vaunted Army of Northern Virginia and proved to their detractors that they could fight for freedom and citizenship for themselves and their enslaved brethren. James talked about this often-overlooked 1864 battle and its important legacy in military history.

James S. Price is a historian, blogger, and educator who has worked at many Civil War sites, including Petersburg National Battlefield and Pamplin Historical Park. His award-winning site, The Sable Arm, is dedicated to raising awareness of African American military participation in the Civil War.

For more about James:

Freedom by the Sword (blog): https://sablearm.blogspot.com

The Battle of New Market Heights (book): https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/12499732-the-battle-of-new-market-heights?fbclid=IwAR1wPqrTzzSx8NwiZzqwt_8mV_Zh3k4jXVdqY7XStZ6e1X1cFuPD6m3e_LA Battle of New Market Heights

Memorial and Education Association (donations being accepted for a memorial to the USCT who fought at the Battle of New Market Heights): https://battleofnewmarketheights.org

Books by Brian Sheffey

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