S04 Special: Panel with AAHGS NJ: The Lost Connection Between Genealogy and History

The New Jersey Chapter of the Afro American Historical & Genealogical Society and Genealogy Adventures had a round table discussion about the lost connection between genealogy and family history.

The special live-streamed event was a special one for us here at Genealogy Adventures. Our research team repeatedly say that genealogy and history are inseparable. History studies major national and regional events at the macro level. Genealogy and family history studies how national and regional events played out at the micro-level when it comes to the states and towns our ancestors lived in. In other words, History looks at the forest. Genealogy looks at the individual trees.

History had its role to play in the choices our ancestors made – as well as the fate that may have befallen them. History might also be the missing key to break through a stubborn brick wall.

As regular Genealogy Adventures’ viewers know: Donya and Brian constantly discuss how genealogy has taught them more about the history of the United States than what they learned in the classroom.

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