S04 E29: African-Descended People’s Heritage Travel with Rachel Decoste

Destination DNA: How a Black Woman Chose Her Travel Itinerary

With the advent of affordable DNA tests, people of African descent in the Americas can pinpoint their African origins and make a pilgrimage to reconcile with the painful past.

Canadian black history enthusiast, Rachel Decoste, has published an audiobook detailing her epic odyssey to Africa. Like most descendants of enslaved Africans, Ms. Decoste could not pinpoint her origins until technology evolved. Guided by a DNA test, she visited 5 countries in as many months – each country held a piece of her ancestry. In her own voice, Ms. Decoste recounts her journey with vivid imagery and humor. Her pan-African trek is peppered with unexpected twists and delightful discoveries. Year of Return: a Black Woman’s African Homecoming audiobook is released online, just in time for Black History Month.

Rachel is an educator and immigration policy expert. She was a member of both presidential campaign teams of Barack Obama. Ms. Decoste attended The George Washington University’s Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration in Washington, DC before being appointed National Director of the Congressional App Challenge, a tech education initiative created by the United States Congress. Ms. Decoste was named to the Top 100 Accomplished Black Canadian women in 2018. She was also a Huffington Post contributor for over 5 years. The subject of her op-eds touched on diversity, immigration, and Black history.

Rachel’s audiobook Year of Return is available to buy via: https://www.wokeapparel.shop/collections/audiobooks.

She is offering Genealogy Adventures’ viewers/listeners a discount for her book. Type in the code AFRICA (case sensitive) when ordering the book via the link above.

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