S04 GA Special: The Policing of African Americans with Ret. P. C. Ralph Godbee Part 2

We welcomed Ret. Police Chief Ralph Godbee, Jr back to the show to discuss the policing of black communities in the United States.

Our wide-ranging discussion touched on how the multi-generational trauma of non-white communities in the U.S. (with an emphasis on African Americans) should be part of police training as well as equality and diversity training in human resources departments.

We dug deeper on the historical aspects of policing African Americans from slave patrols to modern police departments; as well as how poor white Americans have been angry at the wrong people (non-whites) for their generations of struggles.

And we covered how this issue touches on so many aspects of the lived experience of African Americans in the United States.

Part 1 of this conversation is available via https://youtu.be/R2akgLb5rWE

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