S05 E01: How African American History Should Be Taught in School

Black History is American History. That’s how it ought to be taught. Sadly, too many United States schools fail in this regard. It’s the county as a whole that loses out, including young Black Americans who aren’t taught the history of their people.

Incidents like Missouri high school students allegedly post petition online calling for the return of slavery (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/education/2021/09/23/missouri-students-share-petition-calling-return-slavery/5822613001) and Book Ban In Pennsylvania School District Sets Troubling Precedent For Access To Diverse Literature (https://pen.org/press-release/book-ban-in-pennsylvania-school-district-sets-troubling-precedent-for-access-to-diverse-literature) show how badly this knowledge is needed.

These two incidents happened so recently they still have that new baby smell.

In this episode, Brian and Donya talk about the varying degrees that Black American history is taught. They also discussed who largely teaches it. And address how none of this includes or incorporates the new bogey-phrase Critical Race Theory. This becomes even more problematic when this issue involves majority or exclusively white school systems.

Possible solutions and ways forward are discussed.

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