S05 E04: My Four Fathers with Elizabeth Wideman

Elizabeth’s DNA Journey began in 2016. After her mother was diagnosed with cancer, she decided to take a DNA test. She hoped the results would expedite the search for her ancestors. This was a journey she wanted to share with her mom.

After sending DNA samples for herself and her parents, she discovered she had a different biological father. Over the next four years, her journey would have her find her birth father, nine siblings, and a living aunt and uncle. Elizabeth’s approach to engaging her new tribe was both a blessing and inspiring.

Elizabeth is a Maryland resident. She is a retired Administrator in the industries of Public Accounting and Law. Since retirement, she commits much of her time in public service as a community leader and serves on the Board of Directors for the Park Heights Renaissance CDC in Baltimore Maryland. She enjoys coaching acquaintances of Generation X. She also aids many Baby Boomers on transitioning to Medicare.

Her story will be the subject of a forthcoming book.

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