S05 E12: Bringing Slave Cabins to life with Holographic Technology with Jason Church

Original surviving slave cabins and tenant farmer cabins have largely disappeared from the United State’s landscape. The humblest of dwellings, they stand as a poignant and powerful reminder of a time that the United States would rather forget. These buildings stand as a testament to the strength and resilience of the enslaved, and then oppressed, people who once lived out theirs within them.

Jason Church joined the show to talk about the preservation of slave and tenant farmer cabins. He is currently engaged in creating holograms of surviving structures. He shared his passion for the work, its importance…and what goes into creating and managing such a unique preservation project.

This project is part of The National Center for Preservation Technology, which falls under the National Park Service.

Jason is the Chief of Technical Services at NCPTT. He coordinates and works to further develop the Center’s national cemetery training initiative and related research.

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