Sale: Autographed copies of “Practical Genealogy” & “Family Tree Workbook” $21.99 for both!

During a bout of some serious spring cleaning, I came across some boxes of my award books I completely forgot about. lol yes, it happens!!

So I am offering a special sale for Genealogy Adventures subscribers. Buy autographed copies of both books for $21.99 (included p&p. Together, both are priced on Amazon for $26.99 + p&p).

There are 17 pairs of books for sale on a first-come, first-served basis.

Your autographed book will have the following inscription: “All the best with your genealogy adventures” with a signature.

Thank you for your purchase!!

Book giveaway promo

Buy Practical Genealogy & The Family Tree Workbook for $21.99!


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