S05 E30: The History of Black Beaches and Resorts with Allen Hoilman (Celebrate Freedom Series)

The Hampton History Museum curator, Allen Hoilman, joined the show to talk about the history of Historic Black Beaches and Resorts.

Like many aspects of the African American experience in the U.S., the history of Black resorts and Black beaches – the result of Jim Crow and segregation – were the beloved oasis from the racial hurly-burly of life in the U.S.A. These beaches were more than just a haven from oppression. They were vital parts of the local community, providing unique employment opportunities.

Allen talked about the history of these beaches, with an emphasis on Black beaches in Virginia. He also talked about the eventual demise of many of them due to a variety of reasons.

We also dispelled some stubborn myths – like African Americans’ can’t or don’t swim – in the process.

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