S05 E36: The Our Mammy’s Educational Organization with Founder, Gaynell Brady

What is your first thought when you hear the word, Mammy? As a child, I thought of someone like Aunt Jemima, a heavy-set black woman who consistently wore a scarf around her head and took care of everybody in a white household.

In this episode, we were joined by Gaynell Brady to discuss the History and meaning of a Mammy. Through her website, ourmammys.com, Gaynell shares stories through the lens of the founder’s ancestors what they contributed, how they survived, and why it was important. As always, the conversation covered a wide range of related topics:

  • How African American women in particular worked through economic limitations to help provide for their families alongside their husbands;
  • How mammys balanced the demands of their enslavers slavers and post-Emancipation employers with the needs of their family;
  • The ways in which African American community supported each other and raised a village; and
  • Just how happy mammys were in that occupation.

We also learned about some of the work Our Mammys does at the community and educational level. This is our last show of the season. See you in October for Season 6!

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