S06 E04: Relative Race – Where Are They Now with Raymond Campbell & J D Barnes

BYU TV’s show “Relative Race” is a game where four teams are taken on a 10-day whirlwind race around the USA to find their families.

Competitors Raymond Campbell and J D Barnes from Series 6 – one of the most emotional series to date – joined us to talk about their emotional rollercoaster of a journey.

For more information about Relative Race, please visit https://www.byutv.org/relative-race

This episode excerpt right here! Here at Genealogy Adventures, we have two mantras: 1) Uniting Americans to one another and the world one family tree at a time and 2) Genealogy has the power to heal the world.

4 teams with 8 contestants from different backgrounds, ethnicities, faiths & regions of the county: if 300M+ Americans could treat each other the way these 8 awesome people did? The U.S. would be unstoppable. In the best way possible.

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