Butler Island Plantation Overseer’s Reports (1803-1820)

Genealogy Adventures co-host, Brian Sheffey, was granted a time-limited, free access to the digitized records of Maj. Pierce Butler by AME Digital, the organization that digitized them.

As far as we are aware, this is the first time these documents have been made publicly available for genealogists researching their family history.

Brian poured through thousands of Maj. Pierce Butler’s plantation documents. Given the short amount of access time available, he selected only those records and reports that had relevance for African American researchers researching their family – or families – held in bondage by Maj. Pierce Butler and his descendants in South Carolina and Georgia prior to Emancipation.

The images are offered “as is” without transcription. While every effort was made to provide clear and easy-to-read documents; you will notice that a few pages have a difficult readability level. This can be due to the pen and ink that was used. The occasional writing style may also make some of the pages more difficult to read than others. Some pages also suffer from ink “bleed-through” and smudges. This is part and parcel of the genealogical research experience. 

These documents have enabled Weeping Time* researchers to make some stunning and incredible break-throughs: pushing their ancestry back 2 to 3 generations!  We hope that the information in these records will help you make discoveries for your family history research too.

DOWNLOAD LINK: https://genealogyadventures.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/Butler-Island-Plantation-Overseers-Reports-Final.pdf (pdf | 67MB)

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