Genealogy Adventures goes Pinterest!

I’ve ummed and ahhed about whether to go the Pinterest route…and I’m pretty glad I did.  Thanks to my sister for convincing me about the merits of this format.

I’ve written quite a bit about my DNA results ( ). I thought it would be kind of fun to use Pinterest to cover the same topic in a more visual way. Seeing something somehow makes things much more real for people rather than just reading about them. So I’ve created one board showing the peoples & cultures I’m connected to through my mtDNA results (the DNA I inherited from my mother) and another one for my Y DNA (the DNA I inherited from my father).

In my naiveté, I thought there would be a simple and straightforward way to add the boards to this post.  No such luck.  lol and yes, I’ve looked at the tutorials and videos. As soon as WordPress fixes this oversight/glitch, I’ll come back and add the boards as nice widgets. In the meantime, please fin d the links to the individual boards below:

What’s lurking in my Y DNA Pinterest Board:

What’s lurking in my mtDNA Pinterest Board:

I’ll be doing a Pinterest board on my father’s mtDNA results at some point this week 🙂

2 thoughts on “Genealogy Adventures goes Pinterest!

    1. Thank you, Kathryn. I was a bit dubious about Pinterest to start with. However, I’m really enjoying the experience. It’s looking like a great, flexible platform for genealogists and family historians to play with.

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