Genealogy Adventures – Opening TV sequence sting

The video is a concept intro opening sequence sting for the Genealogy Adventures docu-reality TV series. Two of the three TV production companies interested in my docu-reality TV series pitch wanted me to come up with a concept for this.

Basically, I wanted to put my new Android Tablet through its paces. I’ll be doing a lot of editing on the fly and wanted to know if my tablet was up to the task. No less than 5 apps later…we got this.

So now I know we can edit on the fly with tablets. We can also upload HD video and audio using wireless dongles or wireless smartphone internet hubs – which we’ll need to do in the more isolated regions of the world the series will be visiting.

It’s a concept idea..but I really like it.

Music details:

Song: My Soul is at the End of the Universe
Artist: Rados
Label: Aardvark Records
Vocalist:  Emm X (recording as Eve Ellis)

Track editor: Nicholas Taylor

iTunes link:

2 thoughts on “Genealogy Adventures – Opening TV sequence sting

  1. Brian
    So far, so good.

    From a “constructive” point of view you might want to slow the pace, just a tad, so that everyone can “digest” the stops aling the way.

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