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I use two online genealogy services: and  Each has its strengths and weaknesses.  I won’t expand upon this as this is more to do with personal preferences.  On a practical level, I have found that there are times when one has records that the other doesn’t.

One area where has an edge is the extensive forums it hosts.  The forums are places where you can post queries about your ancestors; particularly ancestors you are finding difficult to trace.  The forums are also great for members to share information.  The Sheffey and Roane family forums are busy places with regular posts from a staggering number of descendants tracing their roots. Like me, you will probably meet some distant relations when you start using the forums. At the very least, you shuld feel free to place a forum  post saying ‘hello’ and introducing yourself in the forum associated with your family’s surname. has a social element which is also a nice bonus. has literally finished its Beta phase.  What it might lack in ‘extras’ it more than makes up for in its records and ease of navigation.

My advice, for what it’s worth, is to try both.

Below you find short instruction videos covering how to get staretd using and

An introduction to

An introduction to

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