S04 E10: Meeting DNA Cousins of a Different Race / Ethnicity – When the Settles cousins met

There is always a range of emotions when you first meet DNA cousins: everything from nervousness to apprehension. Meeting DNA cousins of a different race or ethnicity for the first time can be quite an emotional journey.

Hammad Settles Asad and 3 of his Settles cousins – sisters Gini, Dana & Holly – joined us on the show to talk about their special and emotional journey in meeting each other for the first time. Their journey has been so powerful that they wrote a paper documenting the journey they have undertaken together – and why it has been so important to them.

In the course of this episode, our guests candidly discussed how trust, understanding, and compassion are necessary components when meeting DNA cousin matches – especially if your new family members have a different ethnicity, culture, or religion from your own.

Hammad, Gini, Holly, and Dana also chatted about newly found family members can become as much a part of your family as the family you grow up with.

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