S04 E35 African Slave Records with Katrina Keefer

In this episode, we welcomed author and Adjunct Professor (Trent University, Canada) Katrina Keefer to the show to talk about African slave records.

We spent the hour talking about:

  • Katrina’s sense of calling to this research work;

  • Slavery-related documents that still survive in Africa: the kinds of information they contain, digitization and preservation, and their importance in documenting the history and in telling the truth about the Trans-Atlantic slave trade; and

  • Tribal markings and the depth of the information encoded within those markings.

This show actually made Donya speechless at times (seriously!). It made Brian and Donya both tear up. We had a few epiphanies live on air. It’s one of those shows.

Katrina Keefer is the Director of the African Studies Research Group at Trent University in Canada. She is a cultural historian who specializes in identity and trans-Atlantic slavery. Keefer leads a number of major international digital humanities projects which analyze body marks to better discern African origins and trajectories.

Links to Resources Mentioned by Katrina:

Liberated African Department [1808-1894] ‎ (1808-1894): https://tinyurl.com/LAD1808

British Archives Endangered Archives Programme: https://eap.bl.uk

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