S05 E05: Louisiana Sugar Plantation Research with Ja’el “YaYa” Gordon

Life as an enslaved person on a Louisiana sugar plantation in southern Louisiana was harsh. Enslaved people suffered tremendously because of the dangerous nature of sugar production and manufacturing.

Negative birth rates among the enslaved population who toiled on Louisiana’s sugar plantations stand as a defining characteristic of the slaveholding south. Death was also common on these sugar plantations due to the harsh nature of the labor. Disease, the environment, and lack of proper nutrition and medical care played their roles too.

Louisiana-native Ja’el Gordon is a historian and genealogist who specializes in interpreting antebellum history, genetic genealogy, and conducting oral history interviews.

Always staying true to her Louisiana Creole and Cajun heritage, Ja’el has over fifteen years of experience as a professional researcher with a special focus on the Deep South plantation history.

Her expertise also includes repository research, collection curation, exhibition installations, transcribing and indexing, cemetery preservation, database management, and conducting genealogy and history-related workshops.

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