S06 E02: Historians vs. Genealogists: What is the Difference?

Historians vs. genealogists: There is an opinion offered by some historians that states that historians and genealogists have different motivations for researching the past. John Sedgwick, in his 12 April 2018 New York Times Sunday Review opinion piece, The Historians Versus the Genealogists, stated: “History and genealogy, after all, are two radically divergent takes on the past. The first says, ‘This matters.’ The second says, ‘This matters to me.'”

Is this true? Is there really a difference between historians and genealogists?

As researchers, Brian and Donya have learned so much about their families and their histories. They have also discovered information about the history of America that they were never taught in their K-12 education. Research allows genealogists to not only know about our families – but also helps us to understand how history impacted our ancestors’ lives and the communities where they lived.

Join us as we talk with Historian and Genealogist Andi Cumbo-Floyd about this question. Andi Cumbo-Floyd is a writer, historian, and mom who lives in Virginia’s Southwest Mountains. She has been honored with the opportunity to research several enslaved communities in the area and to get to know the descendants of those incredible, perseverant individuals.

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