S06 E06: Researching John Yeldell – Black Voter Suppression & The Man who put SC on Trial

Present-day Black voter suppression in the United States is nothing new. The U.S. has a long and sordid history of suppressing the Black vote through intimidation, legislation, and violence.

While Black voting rights may exist on paper today, there were several times in history when these rights were not. In this episode, we discuss the story of John Yeldell a.k.a Rev. Elijah Flemon and black voter supression. His story should be on screen to show African Americans that not all of our stories during the Jim Crow era ended in tragedy.

The Mid-term Elections day is here – and Black Americans have returned once more to an age of fighting to engage in our Constitutionally-given civic duty once again. This time rights are there for all – and so are the white men with guns at polling stations and drop boxes, and Black people with valid photo state IDs being challenged, or Louisiana’s attempt to reclassify who is Black in that state to justify re-drawn voting district maps.

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