Sponsored Genealogy Adventures blog posts – your opinion matters!

The Genealogy Adventures blog has come to the attention of genealogy and family history-related businesses. These businesses would like to speak to me about various sponsorship and marketing opportunities.

I’d like to have your input about this.

One company in particular (I can’t name it yet for confidentiality reasons) would like to do a series of sponsored guest blogs. The blogs will be genealogy and family history related. The focus, at this point, would be on how family history researchers can use their database of records for their paid service. And genealogy tips and tricks with a focus on their records. There won’t be any high pressure tactics to use their service.

I would like to balance two things:

1)      Generating an income to support my ability to further my own research; and

2)      Respecting those of you who regularly follow the blog

Addressing the income generating point first, income revenue from sources like the above would enable me to do two things that have been long in the planning:

  • Finance a 2-month Virginia research trip to specifically research the Sheffey and Roane families. The cost of this trip will be around $8,000 – $9,000 for the two month duration of my stay (accommodation, travel, subsistence, copying fees, research costs, etc). Most of
  • Finance my 6-month DNA adventures expedition to North Africa, India and 1 Central Asian country. The cost of this runs around $25,000 (accommodation, travel, subsistence, copying fees, research costs, visas, inoculations, insurance, etc).

Sponsored blog posts will provide the level of funding required to do at least the Virginia trip in the near term. I also have more control with sponsored blog posts rather than other forms of promotion like affiliate schemes and Google Ads.

And now to the second point – you, the reader.

I have been blessed to have a large regular readership. I don’t take that lightly. There are so many family history and genealogy blogs to follow. That you follow mine inspires me in ways I fail to express. So your opinion matters to me.

Hence the transparency of this post.

Using the comments section, what would you not like to see in a sponsored blog post? What would disappoint you, anger you or make you decide to no longer follow this blog? What would be your concerns?

Thank you in advance for your answers!

4 thoughts on “Sponsored Genealogy Adventures blog posts – your opinion matters!

  1. It’s hard to answer because I would have to think of all the possible angles, and that I am not up for. In general, I don’t like to read sponsored blogs because once a blogger slips over to the other side, there is no telling how much I am being swayed to purchase a product or service. That said, maybe I’m just jealous ;).

  2. Sponsored blog or not, the length of blog posts affects whether I read them on not. Unless the post has something really captivating to say, if it is over 1,000 words, I generally skip it.

  3. I do not mind if you become sponsored, I actually want to congratulate you! As long as the blog does not heavily persuade me to buy this or that product or join this site, I am fine.

  4. Thank you for these initial comments.

    I can say that the company involved wants to build relationships as opposed to ‘selling’. I’ve read quite a few of the posts on its blog and they’re very useful – full of tips tricks and guides to doing effective family research.Its posts on Genealogy Adventures really wouldn’t be any different than when I blog about how to use Ancestry.com. I don’t hide that I use the paid Ancestry.com services as I share the records I’ve found and how I found them. Of course, I make a conscious effort to balance these out with the free FamilySearch service.

    And I’ll still be here, sharing all manner of stories, insights and my own tips and tricks. Embarking on this particular adventure will allow me to do more in-depth research, including research traveling trips, which will result in even more stories and experiences to share.

    Thank you once again for this first round of comments. I have taken these points on board.

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