The ladies of “The Real” DNA test results

The ladies of “The Real” took DNA tests to find out their ethnic identities, and the results are in. Take this journey with them on their road to discovery.

My voyage of discovery has certainly been an adventure. Check out their adventures below:

DNA reveal Part 1

DNA reveal Part 2

DNA reveal Part 3

6 thoughts on “The ladies of “The Real” DNA test results

  1. Reblogged this on familytreegirldotcom and commented:
    Now this is hilarious but very serious, I enjoyed it. DNA is a hot topic for most genealogists. It’s a tool for us to use in specific situation, such as connecting to the right ancestry line, helping to point out a relative who was adopted, etc. I am working with a DNA match who was adopted and don’t know who her biological parents are. I am a 94% 4th cousin match and my mother is a 97% 3rd cousin match. It has been interesting and challenging. The Genealogy Adventure Blog shows Ms. Kenyatta Berry is sharing DNA details on the ladies of the REAL show. So thank you Genealogy Adventures, I had not seen this show and have enjoyed the reveals. I love your blog and the topics you chose to highlight. I would recommend that others follow you as well. Nicka Smith’s BlackProGen Hangout the other night discussed Finding Your Roots show and the emotional side of DNA reveals ( Bernice Bennett, Research at the National Archives also had a recent show on Thursday’s with Dr. Alondra Nelson on the Social Aspects of DNA (

    1. Thank you for the kind words and for sharing this post. lol I try to keep things interesting and topical…trying to hit subjects not widely covered elsewhere. I’ve never watched “The Real” before. Friends of mine told me about this episode and, thanks to the production company and YouTube, I was able to catch it online. I loved it. The reactions were priceless.

  2. That episode of The Real was the most racist show I’ve ever seen . Each one of them were making fun of each other about having “white blood ” in them . They were all saying please don’t let me be white . If a white person was saying that on TV they would be called down for it. If you don’t want to be discriminated against then don’t be racist your self .

    1. Hi Libby,

      While I’d say that the comments weren’t productive, they weren’t racist either. Take a step back and look at it though their eyes. Think about how European DNA appears in a DNA results for an African American / person of colour. The chances are pretty even that the sexual union that took place wasn’t consensual, even by older concepts of women and consent. It’s a painful realization and thought that a female ancestor may have very likely been raped. That pain is real, even generations down the line. All kinds of feelings get packed into a revelation like that.

      I know that some of the inter-racial unions that produced my mulatto ancestors were consensual, happy, and joyous relationships. I equally know some of my female ancestors were forced into sex, and their daughters and grand-daughters were also forced into sexual relationships with the men who owned them.

      Just think about that for a spell. and think about what it means. Then think about how you wouldn’t want to deal with that as a result of a DNA test. That’s all I’m asking.

      1. I understand what you were saying to Libby.
        The person, on the Real talk show, that I was disgusted with is Adrianne…..she is a Latino (so am I), and she acted like she wouldn’t have any European Blood in her! That was so fake! It is so obvious that she has European DNA in her. She was acting….it was so ridiculous.

      2. Having European ancestry if you are an American does not make it a defacto product of rape. I come from a mixed family. You should be aware of all your ancestors. If your great grandfather was a rapist, that is a part of who YOU are. You cannot and should not hide from the truth. There is no shame in having European ancestry.

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