The Roane Family Tree: Virginia

I’m posting the Roane Family Tree for the African American side of the family. I would love to hear from Roanes with roots in Virginia, particularly in King & Queen and Henrico Counties.

I would like to trace descendants for:

Generation 1:
Braxton Roane
Mary Roane

Generations 2 + 3:
Patrick Henry Roane
William E Roane
Wyatt Roane
Bacchus Roane
Baylor Roane’s children
James Braxton Roane
Absalom Roane’s daughters, Judy & Kate

I’m a Roane on my paternal grandmother’s side.

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  1. im am a Roane on my paternal side and they are from New Kent Virginia! My Great great grandma”s name was Florence Roane and my Great grandfather’s name was lewis Roane! Im lookin into tracing my family roots back as far as possible! if u have any information please let me know

    1. Hello Monique.

      It’s a pleasure to meet you. I did a quick search on and I’ve already found some great stuff. Florence was married to Charles F Roane. His father was Lawrence Roane (b. 1843 in Essex County, VA). in the 1900 census, Lawrence had 2 grandchildren living with him. These weren’t Charles’s children, so I’m trying to find the names of Charles F Roane’s brothers and sisters.

      Looking at the 1900 census, Lawrence Roane was living on the same styreet as quite a numbe rof other Roanes who are already kown to me. So that means he’s very closely related to them. How, I’m not quite sure yet. here’s a link to the Census:

      I’m quite excited about this. It would be brilliant to tie Florence, Charles & Lawrence into the larger family tree.

    2. Hello again

      This is what I’ve been able to find out re: Florence & Charles Roane…

      Charles F Roane’s father was Lawence Roane. I haven’t been able to trace his mother yet.

      Lawrence Roane’s father was Absalom Roane (b.1832), his mother was Martha.

      Charles’s brothers and sisters were:

      George Washington Roane (b. 1852)
      Judy Roane (b. 1857)
      Jackson Roane (b. 1857)
      Kate Roane (b. 1865)

      So in the 1900 Census, Charles F Roane is living next door to his mother, Martha and a few houses down from his brother, George Washington Roane and first cousin, Baylor Roane.

  2. I’m looking for parents of Wyatt Roane of Essex Va. ,my g,g, grandfather. He was married to Sarah. I know on of his children was named Payne. Any info will be appreciated,

    1. Hi Nancy

      Nice to meet you.

      I have documented Wyatt Roane’s (and wife Sarah Ross) line. At the moment, I don’t have his parents’ details. He’s one of the many early 19th century Roane’s I’m trying to locate parental details for. I’ve looked in Cohabitation records. I’ve also treid to find marriage and death certificates fro him. So far nothing has popped up. If I do find somehting, I will certainly let you know.

    2. Was doing a search, Louisiana, Franklin Parish Ward 3, 1870 census, founds what looks like W Roane, Farmer 27 years old, and what looks like an S Wyatt 28 years old wife, and a P Wyatt 4 years old. I thought the State of origin was La. but looking closer it’s VA.

      1. Thank you for your comment. I’ve found a Warner Roan in this Parish, born about 1843 in VA. I’m curious if he has a connection to the white Warner Pinkerton Roane in VA. Warner isn’t a common name among either the white or black Roan(s). Names are usually a vital clue. Hence me wondering if there was an ownership as well as blood relationship between these two Warners. I’m also trying to find a death certificate for the LA Warner Roan in the hopes that it might name his parents.

      2. I’ve just taken a look at Warner Roan in the 1870 Census. Now my curiosity is really piqued. Warner is living next door two two gentlemen who were also from VA: A Bell and a Broaddus. There is a long history between Broaddus slave woners and mulatto & black Roan(e)s in King and Queen and King William Counties in VA. They ha descendants who moved to LA before the US Civil War. Now, I’m not sure if Bell and Broaddus are related. The Bell name isn’t familiar to me at all in terms of family history and ownership records. So Mr Broaddus is the one I’m really interested in investigating more closely. I’ wondering if it’s his family who broaght Warner from VA to LA.

  3. Greetings, My grandfather name was Braxton Charles Roane, Sr im trying to find out more on my maternal grandfather and his family..

    1. Hello

      I have traced this branch of the family back to Charles Roane b. 1828 in King and Queen County VA. There the trail runs cold. I know Charles is related to my 3 x great grandfather George Henry Roane, who also had roots in King and Queen County. I need to push back a further generation to see how these two men are related. Finding details about their parents is proving a challenge.

      1. I know this is three years behind but this may help all involved. I am a Roane. Charles Roane (1828) was my gr-gr-grandfather. Absolam, (1832), was one of his brothers. His other brothers were Braxton C. (183_), Baylor, (1841), George and a sister, Martha. According to my King William Roane ancestors Charles Roane (1828) had 8 other brothers, so there were 10 children in total; 9 boys 1 girl. The ancestors tell us that the family was separated and sold. Charles ended up on Choke Roade, King William Co., Va, being a member of Mt. Olive Baptist Church on Rt. 30. His sister Martha, (according to the white Roanes in LA), was given as a wedding gift to their Spencer Roane when he relocated to , Louisiana. Absolam remained in Essex Co. with the Post Office of Miller’s Tavern. Baylor was in King & Queen, Tappahannock area. We have not been able to locate Braxton Roane or his descendants. George was also in King & Queen. George’s descendants own the Roane family’s plantation: Uppowac . They had to go to court to prove they were Roane descendants, which they did. Grandpop Charles’s children were: Jane (married Archie Frazier), Henry, (married Rachel Butler), Baylor, (married Betty Williams), Martha, (married Coleman Moore) and James Braxton Roane, (married Louanna Butler). My Roanes started out on the Plain View Plantation and Newman B. Roane’s plantation in King Wlm. The King Wlm location was owned by John Roane who killed his wife Agnes Frazier whose father owned Frazier’s Ferry. Hope this helps some.

      2. Thank you so much for your reply. My 3x great grandfather, George Henry Roane is definitely a different person from the George you referenced in your comment. He was probably a cousin to this family group.

        My George was fathered by Spencer Roane’s son, William Henry Harrison Roane, and sold to the Christian – Warren family in Henrico County. I’m trying to trace the family connections of the Roane family slaves through various tax records and wills.

        And, of course, trying to uncover the names of the two sons Newman Roane fathered by his slave mistress Melvina/Viney.

  4. I’ve been reading your blog for some time, as I am convinced we are distantly related (as are we all, I’m sure). I named my son Spencer Roane, after his ancestor. I know we are kin to the Patrick Henry Roane family, but I’m not exactly sure how. I know my direct ancestors’ names: David Whitfield Roane (my grandfather), Eppa Hunton Roane (great-grandfather), Alexander Roane (Revolutionary War time), and Charles “The Immigrant” Roane (1600’s). Have you run across any of these names in your research? Thanks!

    1. Hi Amanda. Your comment comes at the absolutely perfect time. I’m trying to find a white male descendant of Judge Spencer Roane willing to take a DNA test. It would help me whittle down the list of 4 Roane slave owners who are the strongest contenders to be my Roane family’s direct ancestor. Alexander Roane is another. My ancestor George Henry Roane and his first son Patrick are listed in Richard Roane’s family bible as members of the black side of the family. However, the family bible doesn’t say who George Henry Roane’s father was. That’s one of the big myserties I’m trying to solve 🙂

      I’ve come across all of the names you’ve mentioned. There is an amazing eBook you can download for free to find out more about them:

      All the best


  5. My great great great grandfather was Warner Roane, who was born in Virginia. He married Laura Roane in Alabama. One of their son’s was named Braxton Roane.

    1. Hi Edward. Thank you for your comment. I’m very interested in finding out more about the Alabama Roanes. I haven’t quite worked out how they arrived there.


      1. Brian,
        I don’t know how the some of the African American Roanes ended up in Demopolis, Alabama, but my great great great grandfather, Warner Roane, came from Virginia. How and why he ended up in Alabama, I do not know. If you look in the US census for the years 1870 and 1880 you will find their son Braxton Roane. He may be your ancestor. My great great grandmother, Pollie Roan, was also one of their children.
        Inform me of your results.

      2. Hi Edward

        I’ve found a handful of records via the Freedman’s Bureau covering African American Roanes in various slave sale registers. I haven’t found anything for Warner in these records (that’s not to say he wasn’t sold, I just haven’t found him in those records).

        There were a few slave owning Roanes who moved to Alabama from Virginia as well as Tennessee or West Virginia (I can’t remember which, off the top of my head). They took their slaves with them. This too is another route for African American Roanes arriving in Alabama. Of the tow possibilities, my gut instinct says this latter one is the more probable of the two.

        If I find anything, I’ll certainly share it with you!

        Perhaps you could help in one area? The Warner Roane, you referenced, did he have a wife by the name of Mary / Marie? I’m hoping it is!

  6. I am researching Charles and Florence Roane from Kent County as well for a friend- thee are his grandparents. I am intersted in finding out the story behind charles’s illness that put him in the hospital. I know he died in 1941 after an illness that had him in the hospital. Florence also appears to be his 2nd wife- Louisa was his first. I would love to connect with Monique and gather any information that I can on lewis.

    1. Hi Tracey

      Thank you for your message. This is a different branch of the family from my immediate Roane ancestors. I know very little about it, but would certainly welcome hearing from descendants of this family branch. I tried to find a death certificate for Charles and was unable to find one – at least at the moment. If i do find anything, I’ll certainly give you a shout.

    2. I just came back over this website by an accident today so it know I’m behind but I’ll give any info I can on lewis.

  7. My maternal great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Roane, who was a grandson of Warner Roane, told my grandmother that the Roane family had 100 acres of land and were forced to sell it for $1.00 an acre! I have been trying to find out where this land was. Was it in Alabama or Virginia? My 3 times great grandfather, Warner Roane, had the same name as Virginia judge, and Confederate soldier, Warner Pinkerton Roane. They were born within 3 years of each other. Also, my ancestor, Warner Roane, named one of his daughters, Pollie Roane. Warner Pinkerton Roane’s mother was named Elizabeth “Pollie” Pollard. Is it possible that Charles S. Roane, DOB 1775 DOD 1858 is the father of my descendant as well as Warner Pinkerton Roane? Could the 100 acres of land come from Charles S. Roane and later been swindled from my family by Warner Pinkerton Roane? My great grandfather, Andrew Jackson Roane, was said to have been an extremely fair skinned man, who had blue eyes.

    I have so many unanswered questions!

    1. Hi Edward

      Thank you for the great comment.

      I’ve been wondering myself if there wasn’t a direct connection between Warner Roane and Warner Pinkerton Roane. Yours seems to be the only line on the black side of the family that used the name Warner…which is usually a promising indication.

      Funnily enough, I’ve been looking at Charles S Roane as a possible father for my direct ancestor George Henry Roane. George is listed as a family member in a bible owned by the white side of the family. However, coyly and tellingly, it doesn’t cite who his parents were, particularly his father.

      That’s interesting about your ancestor Andrew Jackson Roane. My ancestors were also fair complected on the Roane side of the family.

      If I find anything about any of the individuals you’ve mentioned, I’ll certainly let you know.

    2. Hello Brian,
      my name is Kirsten Thomas I am Lemoria Rone’s granddaughter. Lemoria Rone is my maternal grandmother and her father is James Alfred Rone and his father was Andrew Jackson Rone so we share a common ancester. I have been trying as well to make a connection between Warner and Charles S. Roane. Today has been emotional for me because I read the description of Andrew Jackson Roane and I got teary eyed because that’s the first description I have ever heard of him. Everyone I can go to to ask questions that would remember have since passed on. Please let me know if you come up with anything.

      1. Hello Kirsten. Thank you for sharing your information and your experience.Yes, it certainly can be emotional coming across descriptions of ancestors. A few lines can turn a name and some dates into a person we can connect with.

        I have a question for you. I have a Jackson Roane, born in 1879 in King & Queen County, VA. I haven’t been able to find any information for him after the 1880 Census. I’ve long suspected that Jackson was his middle name – and that Andrew would have been his first name.

        I’ve noticed that your ancestor, Andrew Jackson Rone, was born in 1879. However, he’s usually cited his place of birth as Alabama. Do you think these two could be one in the same man? It wouldn’t be unheard of for people to not give the correct place of birth to the census takers, for whatever reason. I’m wondering if this could be the case here?

        With regards to your Andrew Jackson Rone, do you have any records that record his parents as being a Campbell Roane/Rone and Catherine?

        Many thanks, Brian

      2. Kirsten Thomas, as we know now, we are cousins! My maternal grandmother, Mattie Lou Rone, was Andrew Jackson Roans eldest daughter, and child. James Alfred Rone was their 3rd child and oldest son. James Alfred Rone is my mother’s maternal uncle.
        I will definitely not miss the next family reunion!!

  8. I am a white male descendant of spencer boyd Roane. Let me know if you still need a DNA sample.

    1. Thank you for that offer! I did an DNA test. I’m a descendant of Sir Archibald Gilbert Roane, it turns out. I’m still working on identifying which of his VA-based sons or grandsons fathered George Henry Roane, my 3x great grandfather. Recent findings keep pointing to Spencer Roane and his father, William. I just need some final pieces of the puzzle to confirm.

  9. For some reason, I believe that my 3 times great grandfather, Warner Roan, is the half brother of white Warner Pinkerton Roan. WPR’s mother was named Elizabeth “Pollie” Pollard. My ancester named one of his daughters Pollie Roan. Is all of this naming just a coincidence? Warner Roan came from Virginia, but ended up in Alabama. He married a woman named Laura. Four of their children were named: Washington Roan; Braxton Roan, Nancy Roan and Pollie Roan. How can a DNA test tell me an answer to this question?

    1. Hi Edward.

      I thought there might be a connection there too. The most surefire way is to have a direct male descendant for Warner Roane and a direct male descendant of Warner Pinkerton Roane take a Y DNA test. They can then compare their results, which should be the same, if not very, very similar. Both men must be direct Roane descendants from each man – and not a male descendant through a daughter. And the test would need to be a Y DNA test and not an autosomal DNA test

      1. Hello,
        Who would be considered a direct descendant? In my case. There is Warner Roan, his daughter, Pollie Roan, her son, Andrew Jackson Roan, his daughter, Mattie Lou Roan, my mother, and then me.

  10. I am looking for Daniel Roane, he is the father of Sanchoor Sanko Stark, Vina, Mack Mackenzie, Daniel, Mesatus and Anthony Tony. His wife was Anna Roane/Watson.

  11. My maternal grandfather was Samuel Frank Roane. He was born 09/09/1909 in Gloucester, Virginia but lived in King & Queen County, Virginia. My maternal grandmother (Samuel’s wife) was Mary Rosa Roane. Her maiden name was Vaughan from King & Queen County, Virginia. Samuel’s father was Doctor Lattie Roane. Samuel’s mother was Alice Lee Roane. Her maiden name was Burrell/Burwell from Ware, Gloucester, Virginia. Doctor’s parents names were Jacob Roane & Priscilla Roane. Priscilla’s maiden name is unknown. I have taken a DNA test & my Ancestry tree is public.

  12. I am not a Roane descendant nor any of my family members. My husband’s family has owned Uppowoc , John Roanes plantation, and the neighboring farm, since the 30’s. We have been researching the farms and what life was like in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth centuries. We know some about the Roane’s but if anyone out there has details or information about Uppowoc, maybe passed down from family members, that would be appreciated. I would be happy to reciprocate. Thank you.

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