Descendants of John Adam Sheffey & Jemimah

Another family tree that I should have updated ages ago.

As you’ll see, there’s still a significant amount of work to do for Jemimah’s daughters, Jane and Jama.

Family Tree Key:

This family tree is arranged by generations. The numbers that appear before are name refer to generations.

For instance:

  1. John Smith (The ancestor whose descendants have been documented)
  2. Adam Smith (This is the 1st generation level. He would be John Smith’s child)
  3. Carrie Smith (This is the 3rd generation level.She would be John Smith’s grand daughter)
  4. Robert Smith (This is the 4th generation level. He would be John Smith’s great grandson)
  5. Helen Smith (This is the 5th generation level. She would be John Smith’s 2x great grand daughter)
  6. Randolph Smith (This is the 6th generation level. He would be John Smith’s 3x great grand son)

Privacy Note:

I have made every effort to delete details for living people. I’ve also made every effort to delete details of people who would make it easy to find their living descendants. I may have missed a handful. If I have, please accept my apologies and let me know. I will remove them from this list of descendants.

Descendants of JOhn Adam Sheffey & Jemimah

with roots in Wythe & Smyth Counties, Virginia


9 thoughts on “Descendants of John Adam Sheffey & Jemimah

  1. Hi Brian

    Keep up the good work.

    FYI. Tazewell or Fazewell is actually Lazwell Sheffey b1833 . This is per William Graham (grandson of John Summerfield Sheffey). Lazwell was John Summerfield’s dad. According to William the census people have misspelled his name on most public records.

    Also, are James W. Sheffey(b1813) and Jacob Sheffey the same person?

    What is the coorelation Between Henry L’s first born(Daniel Henry b1812?) and Jacob Sheffey b1800?

    1. Hi Fontaine

      Thank you. It’s been an interesting and rewarding experience. *smiling* I wish I could go back tell me old high school history teacher that African Americans can indeed go back further than 3 or 4 generations.

      Thank you for clarifying Lazwell’s name. William’s right, the census people used all kinds of spellings for that name. I’ll amend my records accordingly.

      That’s a good and timely question about whether James W Sheffey and Jacob Sheffey are the saem person. A newly found mutual cousin, Anthony, and I have been discussing the same thing. My hunch is that they are not the same person. One is the difference in thier given dates of birth – even accounting for D.O.B. variances for both. The second reason is Jacob’s name is always associated with Elsey George’s (his wife). James’ name always apears as Elsey’s son.

      Now James Z M W Sheffey is quite a confusing character in his own right. Anthny and I have recently figured out that the “M” in his middle names is Mitchell. So he’s the same person as Mitchell Sheffey b. 1827. The same person seems to bat back and forth between a couple of names – this includes his children’s marriage certificates, death certificates and the census records. He’s known as James Sheffey, James W Sheffey (not to be confused with James WHite Sheffey, a completely different person on the white side of the family born around the same time) and as Mitchell Sheffey. So this adds a whole layer of complexity to the Mitchell Sheffey mystery Anthony and I are trying our best to unravel. The premise of the mystery is this: Mitchell Sheffey (the same person as James Z M W Sheffey), in the census records, is cited as beingt he father of a huge number of children. Some of these (like Giles L Sheffey) are actually his grand-children – this I’ve discovered through the children’s marriage records – marriage records that are available online at any rate.

      At present, I haven’t found a correlation between Jacob Sheffey and Daniel Henry Sheffey (the white, blind DH Sheffey). My guess is that Jacob would have been owned by Henry L Sheffey as Henry was the first Sheffey to own slaves in Virginia.

      Do you know if William has any Sheffey family stories or pictures that he’d like to share?



      1. I finally found the site : ). I do want to correct one thing. I’m not a Sheffey. My wife and children are descendants of the mysterious Mitchell Sheffey.

      2. Hello Anthony.

        Good to hear you found it 🙂 I hope your wife and children find the family history interesting. lol yes indeed, Mitchell is quite the mystery. If the Genealogy Adventures TV series gets the green light, he’s definitely one of the Sheffeys I’d like to focus on. My gut instinct tells me he had a very interesting life.

  2. Hi Brian – one of my grandfather’s great uncles – a Jessee Hale married Georgia Sheffey b. abt. 1898, daughter of Giles Sheffey and Lizzie Yates of Wythe, Virginia. Giles was the son of a Dicy Brock or Brack and Mitchel Sheffey b. Gile’s brothers and sisters appear to include a William, Amelia Jane, Ellis, Dicy, Stephen R. There appears to have been a step-mother or somebody named Lenora or Leona Mosely (Moby). Georgia died of Tuberculosis at 19 in Logan West Virginia in Jan. 1918.

    Giles Sheffey also had a James b. about 1902 and a Cambidge (b. abt 1894) as sons. I haven’t looked for the descendants of James Sheffey and Cambidge who were also born around.


  3. hello my name is anthony sheffey my grandmother is margeret lee sheffey of marion va. her father was john sheffey and mother was mable sheffey. my grandmother was born in 1928. hope this helps our cause. feel free to contact me via email @

  4. I am a descendent and it’s really cool to go down the rabbit hole of a family tree. I did a quick google search and landed here.

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