Top tip video: Using FTDNA Chromosome Browser raw data + MS Excel for your rearch

So you’ve transferred your raw autosomal DNA data from Ancestry or 23andme to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). So now what?

Downloading FTDNA’s Chromosome Browser raw data and working with it in MS Excel (or another spreadsheet software) can lead to some amazing discoveries. I was so excited about what I discovered that I had to share this top trick.

This video will step you through the process that I’ve developed for my own genetic genealogy research. Step by step.

4 thoughts on “Top tip video: Using FTDNA Chromosome Browser raw data + MS Excel for your rearch

  1. Explain what the “start location” and “end location” refer to in this video. Is this a specific gene? I am so clueless.

    1. Hi Barbara

      “start point” and “end point” refer to the length of a DNA segment you share with a genetic match. Each matching DNA segment will have a starting point and an ending point.

      Here’s a good introductory piece that covers some of this subject:

      The Genetic Genealogist blog is also a great resource:

  2. I would like to print out the power point used in the “Top Tip Video” above. How can I get that? I can’t print from the slide show. I’m slow writing it down, even though the video is courteous enough to keep each screen open for awhile.
    Nestor Olesnycky

    1. Hi Nestor. I’ve stripped out the audio. However, the file is still pretty large. Even zipped, it’s still sizeable. I’m playing with some work – around solutions.

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